Legacy-Peak Winery Chiyu Red Wine Boutique wine direct sales

Original Price:
USD 55.38 / bottle
Minimum Order Quantity:100 bottles
Production Capacity:1000 bottles/month
Terms of Payment:TT / L/C
Port of Loading:Qingdao
Price Terms:FOB/CIF/CFR
Telephone:0086 18653281661
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Product description

Brand: LEGACY PEAK                               

Commodity name: Helan Mountain East, China

Gross weight: 1.0kg                                   

Fragrance: Fruity

Type: Red wine                                           

Packaging form: single bottle

Capacity: 750mL                                        

Grape variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

Applicable scene: business banquet          

Bottle stopper: oak stopper

Taste: full

Wine is very good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, but also can nourish skin care, prevent cancer, resist radiation, increase appetite, relieve fatigue, stop bleeding, and diuresis.

Packaging form: single bottle

Legacy-Peak Winery is committed to distributing elegant wine drinking not only as a culture but also as a way of life. At EMW, we are passionate about fine wine and focus on bringing as much fine wine as possible to the market.

  West to East Wine Company is committed to cooperating with world-renowned wine-producing regions of superior quality and family-owned wineries. Now it has imported more than 400 kinds of fine wines from 10 countries and sold them to star hotels, fine restaurants, wine retail stores, boutique supermarkets and private customers all over China.

  carefully selected different levels of high-quality wine from west to east and carried out professional market positioning and distribution. From west to east, Meijiu Company plays an active role in the market, bringing wine culture education to China and actively implementing it. With its enthusiasm for wine, rich experience and professional services, the company has made an indelible contribution to the successful development of the Chinese wine market.

Legacy-Peak Winery

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