Authentic wild honey natural farmhouse wolfberry flower Ningxia specialty Lycium Barbarum Nectar

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Product Description

Product name: Chinese wolfberry nectar

Brand: Longevity Grass

Ingredients: mature wolfberry nectar

Whether to export: yes

Place of Origin: Ningxia, China

Series: Nectar

Shelf life: 24 months

Production license number: SC11464052101006

Ingredients list: Chinese wolfberry nectar

Production method: separated honey

Honey type: wolfberry honey

Shape: crystal honey

Harvest season: autumn

Specification: 500g

Net content: 500g

Sales method: edible agricultural products

Storage method: dry, dark, ventilated place

Note: This product cannot replace drugs

The "Longshengcao" brand medlar nectar produced by our company is a natural green nutrient. It contains more than 65 reducing sugars (glucose) and has an amylase activity of more than 20ml/(gh). It belongs to special honey. The sixth China Yiwu International Forest Products The "Longshengcao" brand medlar nectar was awarded the high-quality award at the fair.

Lycium barbarum nectar is brewed by honeybees collecting medlar nectar; lycium barbarum nectar has both the nutritional function of honey and the quality of medlar, which is the essence of medlar. The honey color is amber, the taste is sweet and sweet.

Lycium barbarum nectar is a pollen and honeydew, which is collected by bees in a large area of pesticide-free production base of wolfberry. It has the special function of honey and is very precious because of its very small quantity.

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Good honey starts from the source

From the hometown of wolfberry, Zhongning, Ningxia

Made from wolfberry nectar, it has the traditional nutrition of honey

Value, and the health benefits of wolfberry.



Packing & Delivery

Packing:500g/bag, 300g/bag, 12g/piece



Company Profile

Zhongning Jiding Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhongning Jiding Wolfberry Co., Ltd., was established in November 2001. It mainly produces and sells goji berries, red dates planting and sales, bee breeding, and honey processing and sales. It was identified as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization by the People's Government of Zhongwei City, and was named a "corporate science and technology commissioner" enterprise by the Ningxia Science and Technology Department. The trademark "Longshengcao and Tu" used by the company was recognized as the 10th Ningxia Famous Trademark, and the online registration of "Goji Berry Nectar" has been successfully used for 6 years.

The company is a member unit of the deputy director of the Wolfberry Professional Committee of the Chinese Medicine Association. It has been registered with the US FDA and has successively passed ISO 9000 quality management system certification, ISO 14000 environmental system certification, HACCP and ISO22000 food safety management system certification. There are currently three categories and five varieties. Products (fruit products: wolfberry, red dates; alternative tea: wolfberry leaf tea, black fruit wolfberry; bee products: honey) have obtained the industrial product production and operation license. From 2009 to 2015, it was rated as a "contract-honoring and trustworthy unit" by the People's Government of Zhongwei City for 6 consecutive years.

After years of development, the company has now embarked on a large-scale and industrialized development path, and obtained independent import and export rights in 2007. Based on "Zhongning wolfberry", our company has independently developed a series of wolfberry nectar-longevity grass products, and cooperated with Taiwan customers to develop "wolfberry black tea" products. The "Longshengcao" brand medlar nectar produced by the company is a pure natural green nutrient. It contains more than 78% reducing sugar (glucose) and has an amylase activity of 20ml/(gh). It is a special type of honey and was once rated as "Quality up to standard and rest assured Food" In 2016, the purchase order of wolfberry nectar from only one company in Wugumofang reached about 200,000 pieces. The strong market demand has increased the intensification of the production and processing of wolfberry nectar, and expanded the surrounding surplus labor force and college students. Employment channels, and played a leading role in increasing the income of farmers.

At present, the company has a self-built organic wolfberry planting base of more than 1,600 acres. The company’s organic food wolfberry production base is located in the Hongwushan Science and Technology Commission Entrepreneurship Demonstration Park in Zhongning County; the company has cooperated with the Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to cultivate new varieties in November 2011. Passed the national variety identification: and named "Zhongke Lvchuan No. 1", this variety is significantly higher than the existing varieties in terms of medicinal value, food supplement and health function, etc., and began to be promoted. The "Longshengcao" brand dried wolfberry fruit produced by the company adopts advanced secondary drying and degradation pesticide residue processing technology, so that the product reaches the sanitary standard of direct chewing and serving. It is an ideal green food, suitable for all ages, and is a gift to friends and relatives. Ideal product.

The company’s dried wolfberry fruits are supplied to domestic pharmaceutical factories, wineries, and export companies, and successively to the well-known domestic companies Tongrentang, Wugumofang Food Technology Group, Tibet Pharmaceutical, Chongqing Shizhenge Runxiang Pharmacy, etc., and have been continuously exported to the United States. The market has been in the market for 6 years and has been exported to more than 10 countries including the European Union, Brazil, and Canada. In 2015, the export volume of dried wolfberry fruit was 320 tons (including the supply for export enterprises). The company is establishing the certification of the traceability system of organic goji berry base, processing, sales, and storage. The company’s increasing sales of honey and goji berries have mobilized the enthusiasm of beekeepers in breeding, Cinong’s planting and the promotion of green food and organic food production technology, which has improved the development level of goji berry honey and Zhongning goji berry industries, and further strengthened the company’s The leading role plays a leading role.

The company is based on honest management and adheres to the principle of being a human being in advance; to meet the needs of consumers with "authentic, affordable, and high-quality"; your health is my wish. Sincerely welcome far-sighted businessmen to discuss cooperation, develop together, and brew the sweet future of human life. 

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